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TBA has always been a place of joyful noise and musical participation. By creating numerous ways to engage musically, our Cantorial Leader, Emma Rehfeld, strives to build a robust musical community based on the legacy of the Cantorial Soloists before her. She believes that the goal of services is to facilitate experiential spirituality through music, rather than the passive observance of performances of prayer. It is Emma’s hope to collaborate with communities beyond TBA within and outside of Judaism in the coming years, and to continue to elevate TBA’s already substantial musical presence with warmth and inclusivity in every song. Whether you love rock and roll, or jazz, choral music, and beyond, there is something here for you musically at TBA. We can’t wait to sing with you soon!

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Our Shabbat Services are filled with music throughout the year including:  

  • Jazz Shabbat Series featuring TBA's professional trio of musicians as well as guests such as Cercie Miller, Chris Baum and Amir Milstein 

  • Rock Shabbat Series welcoming congregants who play instruments

  • TBA’s choir Shir Harmony (teens & adults)

  • Guests musicians including Craig Taubman, Dan Nichols, Rick Recht, Noah Aronson, Sue Horowitz, Elana Arian, Nefesh Mountain, and many more!  

Please reach out to Emma if you’re interested in being part of our band, all instruments and abilities are welcome! 

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