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Music has a transcendent power on the human spirit, and for many people, evokes an emotional response.  This is certainly true for Jewish music.  The music of the synagogue so very often triggers long lasting memories and deeply felt feelings about who we are and where we come from.


Susan Glickman, Cantorial Soloist

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Shabbat Services at TBA

Our services are filled with music throughout the year including:  

  • Jazz Shabbat Series featuring Cercie Miller, Chris Baum and Amir Milstein 

  • Classical musical guests  

  • TBA’s choirs 

  • Guests musicians including Craig Taubman, Dan Nichols, Rick Recht, Noah Aronson, Sue Horowitz, Elana Arian, Nefesh Mountain, and many more!  

Do You Like to Sing and Play Music? Join Us!

Intergenerational Singers

Periodically through the year for High Holy Days, Shabbat services, and other events, we bring together singers of all ages to lead us in music. All are welcome to join this joyous and energetic group at any time. 

Youth Choirs

Students of all ages have opportunities to sing as part of our educational programs. Upper elementary and middle school singers are invited at various points to lead the congregation in song during Shabbat services, holidays, and mitzvah opportunities.  

Teen Music Interns

This is a leadership training program for students interested in assisting with all forms of music experiences at TBA: prayer, choir and ruach (spirit) building at our Religious School. Teen in grades 9 and above will work with our Cantorial Soloist on Sundays and the program will include song leader training and repertoire building as well as opportunities each week to assist with all school and early childhood music.  This is open to all students interested in leadership building and music. Guitar or ukelele is welcome but not required for participation. 

Please contact Susan Glickman if you are interested in learning more about musical opportunities at Beth Avodah.

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