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At Temple Beth Avodah, we embrace Shabbat as a time for spiritual connection and community. Our approach reflects our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility and are available in person or online. We welcome multi-faith families and people of all backgrounds to join us as we celebrate together.

Music is an essential part of our Shabbat experience and inspires, uplifts, and engages us all.


There is no RSVP needed for our services; join as we come together to experience the joy of Shabbat, creating meaningful connections and fostering a sense of belonging for all.

Shabbat services occur weekly at 6:15pm on Friday evenings. Often, there are special services, including Jazz Shabbat, Rock Shabbat, Family Services and guest speakers. Most Shabbat services take place in person and online but check our Temple calendar for the latest schedule and information.

Click here to join us on Zoom for Shabbat Services.



Temple Beth Avodah values the opportunity to celebrate Jewish holidays together as a vibrant, multigenerational, and connected community. We embrace the rich tapestry of traditions and rituals as well as create our own sacred practices together. Throughout the cycle of the year, we mark sacred time and space and the stories that shape and unite us. Whether through lively meals, communal prayer, or engaging educational programs, we invite you to join us as we embrace the beauty and depth of the Jewish holidays.

Click here to view our 2023 High Holy Day Services on YouTube

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