We are located at 45 Puddingstone Lane in Newton Centre, Massachusetts 02459


Telephone:  617.527.0045    Fax: 617.527.0046  


General inquiries: info@bethavodah.org

Stacy Schwartz, Temple President



Rabbi Keith Stern, Senior Rabbi

kstern@bethavodah.org, x111


Becky Oliver, Executive Director

boliver@bethavodah.org, x108

Susan Glickman, Cantorial Soloist

sglickman@bethavodah.org x106

Lori Rosen, Director of Member Relations and Engagement

lrosen@bethavodah.org, x104

Eileen Brooks, Director of Communication & Marketing

ebrooks@bethavodah.org, x112

Heidi Baker, Director of Education

hbaker@bethavodah.org, x110


Myriam Rofrano, Assistant Director of Education K - 12

mrofrano@bethavodah.org, x107

Iris Sonnenschein, B'nai Mitzvah Tutor


Rebecca Baizen, Education Executive Assistant

rebecca@bethavodah.org, x115


Doug Ball, Facilities Manager

dball@bethavodah.org, x103



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