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Working Together for a Great Cause

This morning we woke up early to another great breakfast at the Tal Hotel. One of our favorite items from today’s selection was the Nutella and waffles. The scrambled eggs were delicious too. Our bus departed early and took us to the house of the founder of The Orchard of Abraham’s Children to learn about his life story and the company. It was a heartwarming story that helped us learn more about the integration of different cultures. Next, we continued on our journey to The Pallet Revolution where we worked in teams to make benches out of recycled wooden pallets. We donated them to an organization called Elifelet. We continued on to have a delicious Lebanese meal and went to a farmer’s market called The Caramel Market for an afternoon of shopping and collecting goodies. After, we traveled to the southern part of Tel Aviv to explore the Central Bus Station and learn more about the various cultures in Tel Aviv. After a quick stop at the hotel, we went to a delicious Italian dinner where we were able to make our own individual pizzas. We ended the night with crème brulé pops and ice cream for dessert. We are packing up our stuff now to head to the Edmon hotel in Rosh Pina for our next adventure.

Lauren Fisch and Livvy Schwartz

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