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Sunset Shabbat

We have officially made it to the holy land!

Our flight was amazing, we were served chicken, sweet potatoes, and delicious cake for dinner. The breakfast was not as good with soggy eggs and potatoes. The flight was long but luckily, we could sleep through it. Eva had a hard time sleeping, maybe because it is her birthday! Once we landed, we smoothly we made it through customs and got some coffee. We also met our new friend and tour guide, Bar. Bar is really funny and is trying to get to know us all. Then we got on the bus to head over to our hotel! The bus ride took half an hour, and it was really cool to drive through the city and Bar was making silly jokes to entertain us. When we arrived at the hotel we split up and went into our rooms and unpacked. The hotel is so nice, right on the water, and super close to the boardwalk. Then we walked to a restaurant on the board walk called Benny and the Fisherman which was very nice. We made friends with the Rami our waiter. For dinner we had so many different foods and everything was delicious! After dinner we walked to the beach for the sunset and said Shabbat prayers.

We are so excited for the rest of our trip.

Tali Schwartz, Jory Cohen, and Georgia Finkelstein

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