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Israel's Beautiful Landscape

We started our day in Rosh Pina by indulging in the delightful breakfast buffet. We then got on the bus and embarked on our first journey to Tel Dan national reserve. After seeing the beautiful sights of waterfalls, jaw dropping views, and learning about the history of the area. We then enjoyed another Druze lunch from the “Cherry Police”- a wonderful host who told us her story. Once we all fueled up on the delicious cuisine we headed to our next adventure - a Jeep Tour in the Golan Heights. We even got to see the fence of the Syrian border! After adventuring through a bunker, seeing army tanks, and even talking to an IDF lone soldier (from the east coast of the US!), the group was ready for dinner. We went back to the hotel to regroup and shower after a hot day. We headed to a delicious dinner at Bat-Y’aar with beautiful scenery included. Now we go back to the hotel to rest up for another fantastic day tomorrow!

- Lila Karp and Chloe Scholnick

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