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Down on the Farm

We started out our day bright and early as we packed the bus and started our journey from Golan Heights towards Jerusalem. On the way, we stopped at an organic farm called Rom Farm where we met a man named Sheer who played for us a verity of interesting musical instruments from around the world. He made it seem as if we were deep in nature even though we were sitting in a building. Then, we began our cheese making workshop where we learned how to transform goat milk into cheese. When the cheese was finished, we used it to make a delicious middle eastern dessert called knafeh. After, we had a farm fresh lunch made with ingredients grown on the farm. Next, we toured the farm and got the chance to meet some very friendly goats who loved the taste of our pants! Then we hopped back onto the bus and arrived in Jerusalem. We had a quick dinner and headed over to the Tower of David to watch an amazing light show that displayed the history of Jerusalem. We finished up the day with a quick shop in Mamilla Market. We are looking forward to another fun filled day.

-Hannah Tarmy, Megan Tarmy, and Max Dietch

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