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A big thank you to Mark Rosen for leading our cooking effort again today, and to Glenn Barest, Josh Baumer, Joshua and Max Deitch, Neal Appel, Mike Weissel, Rob Sellers, Andrew Lassar, and Brotherhood wanna-be Bunny Aronson for helping out in the TBA kitchen. They made a lot of delicious Thanksgiving meal items. Rounding out the rest of the menu, cooked at home and brought to TBA, were made by Rabbi Stern, Nancy McGrath, Suzy Willard Rosenthal and Nancy Bloom. Desserts were organized by the Tzedek Committee and were also baked at home and dropped off at TBA. Thank you to our dessert makers: Lauren Siff, Gail Greenberger, Sarina Katz, Magda Hernandez and Rich Blacker.

Mark Rosen and son Gabe (home for his first college break!) dropped all the goodies off on Tuesday, November 27.

Clients of The Second Step will have a nicer holiday thanks to our congregants. #proud #grateful #wearetheluckyones

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