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It Takes a Village

We made an ambitious commitment to REACH Beyond Domestic Violence this holiday season, but we did so with confidence that our many TBA volunteers would get it all done. No surprise, more than 30 people stepped up to volunteer. We baked desserts and made side dishes for REACH's annual party (attended by 300 of REACH's clients and staff), bought gifts for domestic violence survivors, and volunteered at the party after receiving 3 hours of training. Thumbprint cookies, lemon squares, Greek salad, corn & bean salad, Legos, sheets & blankets, winter coats, books -- just to name a few of the items we baked, cooked, shopped for and donated.

REACH is very appreciative of TBA's efforts and contributions. Most importantly, the domestic violence survivors that REACH serves were most grateful for the holiday festivities that evening. The gifts donated through REACH's holiday gift program make a big difference in the lives of abused women and children. We are confident our contributions brought some joy to their lives

A special shout out to all our volunteers and givers, plus any of their kids who also helped out: Bunny Aronson, Lee Bardin, Allison Bauer, Ruth Baylis, Bruce and Robin Blakely, Nancy Bloom, Jackie Dahlquist, Ilona and Jeremy Goldfarb, Debbie Hart-Klein, Magda Hernandez, Beth Holzman, Stephany Johnson, Eva Julius, Randi Kaplan, Sarina Katz, Beth Kozinn, Jamie Leblanc, Bev Marcus, Bonnie Millender, Janet Nahirny, Adam Ochlis, Suzy Willard Rosenthal, Laurel Salend, Stacy Schwartz, Rachel Segall, Hazel Sive, Liz Tapper, Eve Tapper, Allison Tarmy and Karen Weissel.

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