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Love & Laughter are Essential Ingredients

We had a great and big group of volunteers who came out on this nasty pouring rain day and cooked their hearts out! In addition to a dinner of baked ziti, roasted vegetables, salad and berry crisp for dessert, we were able to bake chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies that TSS will distribute to its residents for snacks. TSS said they love snacks, and home baked cookies are always a hit!

Our volunteers were: Ruth Baylis, Debbie Hart-Klein, Jan and Sydney Lipof, Rae Mintz, Margie Ross Decter, Zack Decter, Liz Tapper, and Suzy Willard and Lila. There was lots of chatting and laughter as everyone cooked, which was good fun. A special shout out to Suzy, Liz and Rea for washing the many pots and dishes we used -- that's always the toughest part.

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