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We Are All Just People by Amanda Lookner

Today was packed with fun activities! We got an early start at the Carmelite Italian Arab School and got a chance to talk with Arab teens and get a tour of the school. After, we went on an "Amazing Race" around Haifa to explore the city in a cool way! We toured the beautiful Baha'i Gardens--a holy place for the Baha'i religion--and walked down 700 steps while taking many, many pictures. After breaking for lunch, we ate around a campfire and got a glimpse of the "Scouts" program. The day ended with a fun night at "Ballers" with super-sized pool tables! The most meaningful part of the day was connecting with the teens from the school where the setting itself was different, but we realized that our likes and dislikes and hopes and dreams are really similar. No matter how far away we may be or how different our lives are, we are all just people.

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