A Warm Welcome in Haifa by Cate Brodowski

After a great trip in Tel Aviv we packed up our things in the hotel, got Aroma, and went onto the bus for a long expedition to Haifa. On the way to Haifa we made a stop at an Arab town to do a basket weaving workshop. It was very relaxing and we all got to take home something that we made. At the workshop, we learned that it was a work place where Arab women were allowed to have a job and earn money, which is sometimes hard to find. After a great meal, which the women cooked for us, we got back on the bus to finish our ride to Haifa. Upon arrival in Haifa we had a great welcome at the Alliance school and were greeted by our Israeli friends. We all went back to our host family's homes and got settled in for our week in Haifa. We enjoyed a welcome activity at a special needs after-school program where we danced, sang, and played the drums. After a long day, some of the people who had already been in the delegation got to meet up with their old Israeli friends which was nice for everyone. At the end of the night we got ice cream and a great time was had by all.

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