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Neither Rain, Nor Wind... by Leah Kaster

We woke up in the morning at the hostel, bright and early. We were supposed to climb Masada and go to the Dead Sea, but unfortunately there was a huge storm and flooding. We tried to get to Masada but the roads were closed, so we were told to turn around. On the way to Tel Aviv, we stopped at the bullet factory (Ayalon Institute Museum). The bullet factory was disguised as a kibbutz and the actual factory was underground. It’s not used anymore but it was a big secret when it was in use. We checked into the hotel, which everyone loves! Then we went to Escape The Room. Escape The Room was so fun because it involves lots of team work. Also, because my team won! We were split into two teams to see who could get out the fastest. Then we went to Sarona Market and we had free time to walk around and explore. We got back to the hotel to relax and then we walked to dinner in lots of wind and rain. We returned to the hotel and everyone hung out together.

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