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Paying Our Respects at the Western Wall by Sam Schwartz

Most of us started the day with a wholesome family style breakfast, while the rest joined us after a run (exercise and/or coffee). We then continued on to Yad B’ Yad, a school that is completely integrated with Jewish and Arab students coexisting in a safe environment. It was there that we met two very progressive strong women. They told us about the difficulties and opportunities that come with the school, which was a very eye opening experience. After a quick transition to a new hotel, we then continued our adventure to Machane Yehuda market. There we had a food scavenger hunt, and dined on our findings. After lunch, we made our way to the old city of Jerusalem. There we explored all four quarters of what made this city so special, and did some shopping in each part. We ended our tour of the Old City by paying our respects to the Western Wall. There we experienced a new virtual reality film about the history of how the Old City came to be. We grabbed some dinner at Burgus Burger Bar, and went back to the hotel to turn in. A great time was had by all! - Sam

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