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Peace Can Happen!

For a nice Jewish boy like me, born 6 years after Israel became a state, it's more than a bit weird to say that yesterday I flew into Amman, Jordan. I never imagined such a thing could happen in my life! How is it possible that I am in bus driving around the capital of a nation that was once an implacable foe of my people? But then I pause and I realize: this is what peace looks like. So maybe its not entirely comfortable; so what? The point is, and this is important to say: peace can happen. As a person increasingly disheartened by what feels like failing political systems at home and abroad, this driving around Amman is truly a tonic.

Today has been a tour of some of the many ancient ruins in Amman. Not exciting, but it's what one does. Amman isn't a tourist site for Westerners. We've seen some Moslems visiting from various places, but that's about all.

There are some beautiful, palatial homes In Amman, but mostly the city is a generic Arab town, thickly populated and unremarkable. But - I'm in Amman, for God's sake!

We had a big breakfast and a terrific lunch of lamb and chicken kebab. And now we are in our bus again, on the road to Petra. We were tied up for about an hour in a terrible traffic jam caused by a catastrophic accident. The group, still a bit jet lagged, handled the long standstill on the road without one sigh or complaint. This bodes well for the general attitude of the group, which is mellow and very go-with-the-flow.

We haven't had WiFi all day, which is frustrating. I don't like being out of touch. But life is good, and moving towards the ancient city of Petra is a grand adventure!


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