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A Thanksgiving Feast for The Second Step

On Sunday, 25 TBA volunteers cooked and baked up a storm in their home kitchens and at TBA, preparing quite a feast for The Second Step's Thanksgiving dinner to be served on Tuesday evening. Such great teamwork and delicious food for our friends at TSS! They will be thankful for the meal, and we are thankful to be able to provide it and help them enjoy the holiday fully satiated! At TBA, Bunny Aronson, Ruth Baylis, Janice Fineman, Debbie Hart-Klein, Madelon Kaster, Suzy Willard with her daughter Lila and friend Aria Rubinoff made squash soup, stuffing, roasted vegetables, kale and brussel sprouts, and key lime pie. Another team at the Goldfarb family's house, including the Kogan and Cohen Nasisi families, made spinach dip, olive tapanade, apple crisps and molasses cookies. Other home cooks included Bev Marcus (sweet potato casserole), Jackie Dahlquist (mashed potatoes and cheesecakes), Gail Greenberger (green bean casserole), Judi Burton (pumpkin pies) and Lauren and Cheri Lookner (corn bread and cranberry sauce). This was definitely a case of "many hands make work light", and we needed those many hands to prepare such an awesome menu of food for 32 people!

Judi Burton and Debbie Hart-Klein packed the car today, and doing so made it so clear just how many yummy dishes this group made yesterday. The staff at TSS was overwhelmed by it all, and they expressed so much gratitude as they helped bring in dish after dish from the car into the house and then fit it all into their refrigerators. In addition to what we all cooked, I brought them a few gallons of cider, Roche Brothers' homemade gravy, pita chips and veggies for the appetizers, and loaves of challah from the TBA freezer. No one there will be going hungry tomorrow! A TSS staff member mentioned that for the first time they are now planning to have one Thanksgiving meal for the residents of both of their houses so as to make it even more festive. They are decorating, setting festive tables, and planning a happy day for the residents who have had such tough times.

Bravo to our TBA Volunteers! We are blessed to have you as members of our TBA family. <3

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