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These Guys Could "Beat Bobby Flay" :)

On Sunday, October 15, members of TBA Brotherhood met up in the kitchen to cook dinner for The Second Step. They made tortilla casserole, salad and mini cheesecakes for dessert. Many thanks to the following cooks: Jeremy Goldfarb, Jonah Goldfarb, Mark Ingerman, Josh Baumer, Adam Decter, Zack Decter, Max Dietch, Josh Dietch, Jacob Dietch, Steve Aronson, Neal Appel, Bruce Blakely, Randall Miller-Licon, Matthew Miller-Licon, Jeremy Miller-Licon, Harold Licon and Mark Rosen. The food looks absolutely delicious and The Second Step is always very appreciative of TBA's meals. Great job guys! Thank you to Mark Rosen for taking the photos.

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