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Yearly Recap

Dear Fellow Congregants

As we enter the summer, we wanted to offer you the Social Justice Committee overview presentation recapping the year that we made at the Temple's Annual Meeting. You are receiving this email because you joined us at our very first event, the Call to Conscious in September 2016.

We opened the presentation with a reminder of the committee's current mission (see first slide below).

We then provided an overview of the activities of the last year. If you recall from our first meeting, we broke the program into three sections: Hands-On activities that provided opportunities for us to do something on behalf of DV organizations, Donations opportunities and, Education/Awareness activities.

As mentioned at the Annual Meeting, we believe there is a lot here to build upon. We are proud and happy to share with you the accomplishments of this first-year committee. That said, we have set some goals to grow and strengthen the committee efforts in year two that we also want to share with you.

  • Continue/extend existing and new hands-on and donation projects

  • Engage with other Committee Heads for targeted hands-on and/or donation projects

  • More programmatic focus on education/awareness program

  • Improved communication (starting with this email)

Thank you for all of your support, and for those who have not read the letter we received from JF&CS' Journey to Safety posted on the blog, please have a look.

Have a great summer.

Jeff Tarmy and Eve Tapper

Social Justice Committee Chairs

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