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A Heartfelt Thank You to TBA

We are grateful to Temple Beth Avodah for your commitment to learning about and taking action on issues related to domestic and dating abuse. Your congregation made an important difference this year and has had a real, tangible impact on the lives of abuse survivors in Newton and beyond. For abuse survivors – who are often isolated and alone – community efforts matter. When people receive a gift card or a donated item from TBA, they not only get something they very much need, but they also clearly hear the message that they are not invisible and that people in the community want to help.

We thank you for being partners in this work, with shoutouts to the tremendous efforts of Rabbi Stern, Eve Tapper and Jeff Tarmy. At every step along the way, your congregation’s engagement has been thoughtful, meaningful, energetic and inspiring.

We particularly value synagogue engagement on this issue. As you have heard this year, many in the community continue to think that domestic abuse is something that happens to other people “out there.” In lifting up this issue during the fall holidays and throughout the year, you are communicating that this is an issue that affects the Jewish community as well. When congregations and Jewish leaders talk about abuse in the Jewish community, Jews who are experiencing domestic abuse often feel more empowered to reach out for help and support. As simple as it sounds, hanging posters, giving a sermon and talking about the issue at TBA are most definitely part of the larger social action and social justice picture. Culture change begins with community education and awareness. Thank you for including those activities in your program for this year.

Thank you for your time, your leadership, your compassion and your commitment. This has been an incredible year and, as you know, there is still much to be done in all of the areas that you as a congregation identified last year. We hope that our dynamic partnership continues into the new year and beyond!

- Elizabeth, Program Director

Journey to Safety

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