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It's a Wrap!

Our friends at The Second Step are so appreciative of the support TBA has given to them this year. A little home cooking goes a long way!

During the past year approximately 20 adult volunteers have cooked for for The Second Step. In addition, Midrasha students have also cooked under the direction of Francie Weinberg. We have grown in strength and numbers and look forward to continuing this effort in September! If you would like to participate in cooking when September rolls around, please email Debbie Hart-Klein and she will add you to the list of volunteers.

Recently, Bunny Aronson, Nancy Bloom, Debbie Hart-Klein, Mark Rosen and Laurel Salend gathered at TBA to cook one last meal for TSS until September. And what a feast they whipped up! The meal consisted of ziti with roasted vegetables and ground chicken, Caesar salad, both carrot and apple cake, and fruit salad. Baking two types of cakes from scratch for so many people was a bit ambitious, but these bakers pulled it off! They even had enough ingredients left over to make several individual family sized trays of baked ziti for TSS to freeze for later use.

The group was so engrossed in their tasks that they forgot to take a photo until a few of the volunteers had left -- apologies to Nancy and Laurel.

Hats off to all of our spectacular volunteers.

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