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Peel, Chop, Cut, Mash, Stir

Bunny Aronson, Nancy Bloom, Stephanie Cohen, Debbie Hart-Klein and Allison Tarmey gathered on Sunday to cook the monthly community meal for The Second Step. This month, we made Shepard's pie, tossed salad and mixed berry crisp. As the food baked, the cooks all commented on the delicious smells, and wished we had made extra to take home for our own dinners! The team worked great together, with lots of steps in the process as we chopped and sauteed veggies, mashed potatoes, and stirred and simmered the meat and sauce for the Shepard's pie; cut and tossed vegetables for salad, and combined yummy ingredients for the crisp to bake atop four types of berries. Once again, the recipients were so grateful. The staff could not wait to heat up the food for dinner, and they repeated that the recipients are so appreciative. We hope to continue with monthly dinners through the summer, but definitely will need volunteers to do so. To make it easier, we may schedule cooking times on weekday evenings. More information will follow, but if you think you might have any interest and availability during the months of June, July and August, please email Debbie Hart-Klein, and we will keep you in the loop!

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