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Clean Sweep!

We are so pleased to report that Temple members have been very busy this winter working on projects that help victims of domestic violence as part of our social justice initiative. In addition to cooking monthly community dinners for The Second Step, we’ve had several inquiries about how to donate gently used furniture (more on how to do this in a future blog post) and in February a group of congregants braved the bad weather (who knew the weather would get worse in March before it gets better) to go to one of The Second Step’s houses and spruce up rooms so two new families could move in.

The fact that there were two empty rooms is good news. It means two families were able to move out of the house and start their lives anew in a place of their own. It also allows two new families to move into a safe place where they can start to heal and eventually move on as well.

We did everything we could to make the rooms clean and comfortable for the new occupants including dusting, sweeping, mopping, scrubbing the baseboards, repainting the closet and even provided a crib mattress and new bedding for everyone. The attached pictures show the group in action.

This will be an ongoing, as needed, project so let us know if you want to be “on-call” when we are asked to do this again.

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