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Shalom Until Next Time...

We started the last day with a beautiful hike on the beach. We all sat near the water, talking and laughing about all of the fun times we had on the trip. Some even went into the water to cool off after lying in the burning sun. After the gorgeous beach weather we all went to the mall to have a quick bite to eat. The meal included some classic Israeli delicacies. All of the shops were closed due to Shabbat, so we all went home and quickly changed for the beach. Once we were all on the beach we took pictures, played fútbol (soccer), and drank iced coffee. After, we all had to go and pack up 12 days worth of clothing, gifts, and food (chocolate and bamba). After packing, we reconvened at the Manesh residence for a farewell feast. We shared our favorite and funny memories. After a quick but tearful goodbye, we began our long journey to the Ben Gurion airport. The trip was truly amazing, and we were all so glad to share the wonderful experience together. Our group went through so many ups and downs, but always found away to bounce back and find away to laugh through it all. Thank you Rabbi and Francie for making this experience unforgettable. Thank you to our Haifa friends for making us feel at home and a part of your culture. It was truly an amazing trip and each day was such a great adventure.

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