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Farm Living is the Life for Me!

We woke up in our respective homes, where we ate breakfast. Then, we met up with Noam at Alliance before hopping on a large bus (with wifi!). We, along with all of the Israelis, drove to a place in Beit Lehem HaGlilit where we got on some bikes. We then took about a two hour bike ride, with periodic breaks and some people getting in the van halfway through and ended up at a beautiful stream. Then, after a short bus ride, we arrived at Kibbutz Harduf, where we fed calves and chickens and collected eggs from the chickens. Then, we drove to a large vegetable farm where we split up into groups to prepare our own lunch. Some of us picked fresh herbs, some of us cut ingredients for the salad, some of us made pita, tahini, and hummus, while the more experienced chefs made omelettes and shakshuka. After eating, and another short bus ride during which most of us slept, we arrived at our accommodations for the night. We entered the hostel near the Sea of Galilee and checked in to our rooms for some rest time and to shower. After that, we met up for a buffet style dinner in the dining room. Our dinner consisted of bread, schnitzel, pasta and more. To conclude the day, we played some fun games as a group before returning to our rooms and calling it a night.

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