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The Amazing Race

Today, we woke up relatively early to go to the Alliance school. We all met up in the room that we had originally met in yesterday. We then played a short lived version of the Amazing Race which essentially served as a tour of the school. We then played some Israeli-themed board games that consisted of learning about prominent Israeli figures/holidays/places. We then played a more extended version of the Amazing Race, in which the first destination was the highest point of Haifa University, which had an amazing view of all of Haifa. At the top we also had to identify a ton of different buildings around Haifa. We then took the bus to Carmel Center and visited the Baha'i Gardens. We continued to walk around haifa into Wadi Nisnas where we got some incredible shawarma and falafel. We then walked around German Colony, and eventually made our way down to the beach via bus. We walked along the beach and then went back home to rest up. Then, we went bowling (rabbi got a score of 114!!) ate pizza and had a great night all together.

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