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Israel is Beautiful

Today we were woken up at 8 to having breakfast delivered to us at our door. Breakfast consisted of eggs, cheese, bread, cereal, pancakes, lemonade, and an assortment of spreads. After breakfast, we walked down to the main building where we met our guide for the week, Noam. Noam then drove our group to go biking in the desert, which was awesome except for the fact that it was incredibly windy and cold. We then went to Ben Guiron's tomb and talked about Zionism and kibbutzim. We then went to Aroma for some more "iced coffee", where we ran into some stray puppies. We then made our way to a Bedouin settlement, where we talked about the history of Bedouins in Israel. At the settlement we had an incredible lunch prepared in front of us. We met a really hospitable Bedouin family. After lunch we drove to the Makhtesh Ramon visitors center where we learned about Ilan Ramon, the first Israeli astronaut, and the tragedy of the Columbia space shuttle that burned up with him in it. We also learned about the geology of the crater and got a great view of it. We then went back to our cabins for some down time, and at 7 we had an amazing dinner that was prepared by Guy and Nir.

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