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Bedouin Disney

Today we woke up and finished packing our bags. At 7:30, we were treated to a breakfast of bread, veggies, and make your omelettes (which I personally didn't like). The farm people took our bags down and we were on our way. Soon after, we were off to Bedouin Disney where we rode on the backs of camels, 2 people per camel. The ride led us to a spectacular view at the top (and a little bit of pain). After a quick coffee stop, we left the Negev and entered the Judea desert (not before passing Israel's largest nuclear power plant) where we discussed how the Dead Sea was formed. Then, we hopped in a jeep and took a long, bumpy, and (at times) scary ride through the desert. We licked some salty rocks, learning about how they were formed, and were taken up to a breathtaking viewpoint, before heading back down. We drove near to the coast and the Israel-Jordan border through the West Bank on the way to our lunch spot. There, we enjoyed a amazing barbecue lunch with hot dogs, chicken, bread, and lots of side dishes. After we were done, we helped out the world by pulling up weeds in one of Israel's national parks. We received our Puzzle Israel sweatshirts and then it was off to the Dead Sea! We spent some time in the Dead Sea, got some cuts, and felt some pain. But in the end, it was a really cool experience. We then drove into Jerusalem where we learned the history of the city and saw a lot of Orthodox Jews walking to services. After having slight hotel trouble (going to the wrong hotel and then having the wrong rooms), we finally checked in to our rooms and took showers. Then, we took a short, but meaningful trip to the western wall. Finally, we headed to a nice restaurant for dinner, before heading back to the hotel for the night.

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