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Getting Acclimated and Beginning Our Adventure in the Negev Desert

After catching up on our sleep, we drove south to the Negev desert- a place of beginnings, wildlife and different cultures. We visited Sde Boker and Ben Gurion’s grave and memorial site. The spectacular view of the Tzin riverbed from this location is breathtaking! We hiked along the Ein Avdat spring and enjoyed the beautiful waterfall. We also went to a Nabatean cave, the “house” of an ancient Nabatean family, took in the view from their “terrace” and learned about the people of this fascinating kingdom, who populated the Negev hundreds of years ago! We had an amazing Bedouin hospitality experience including a personal encounter with a Bedouin family at a local, rarely visited village. We cooked with a Bedouin wife and learned all about the family’s traditions. We ended with a drive to the Ramon Crater (Makhtesh) for an amazing hike in the crater, one of the most inspiring locations in all of Israel.

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