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Hiking the Mount Meron Area

Happy Sunday! Today we went hiking on Mount Meron, the second highest mountain in Israel. Unfortunately we couldn't escape the snow, but we did enjoy some beautiful views.

After we finished our hike, we headed further up the mountain into the ancient holy city of Tsefat (Safed). The history and the architecture of the city was spectacular. The buildings and roads were made out of stone and many of the buildings had been there for a long time. We visited a synagogue where a great miracle had taken place. A long time ago there were people were praying inside this very synagogue when a man wanted to harm them. The man threw a missile at the synagogue. Incredibly, at the moment the missile hit the synagogue, everyone was bowing down for the Barchu so no one was hurt! During our visit today we saw the spot where the missile punctured the synagogue wall. - Jessica Ayer

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