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Grade 7 Cooks for The Second Step (TSS)

How awesome are these kids? Not only did they perform a mitzvah, they also had a lot of fun.

Debbie reports... this was out first cooking project for TSS, and the pictures show that it was a success. Thanks to Anne and Shanna for leading the 7th graders last night, and to Elizabeth for today's delivery. The next cooking event is scheduled for Sunday, Jan 8. At this event, we will be cooking large trays for a TSS community dinner. We have monthly dates set after that, so stay tuned for more info.

Elizabeth reports... Hi everyone, success at the TSS dropoff today! Could not have been easier and they were very appreciative. Meghan was especially pleased they were in small pans so they could be used flexibly. A fantastic touch with the friendly notes on the packages!

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