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The History of Israel

We started off the morning with a lot of hugging and crying, saying farewell to our Haifa friends. Then the Puzzle team picked us up and we headed south to Tel Aviv. We arrived and our tour companion Noam gave us a brief overview of Israel, as we sat and picnicked with some pizza. We then continued into Independence Hall, greeted by a lovely tour guide. She explained the history of how Israel came to be, with many great details keeping us interested. After a coffee stop at one of the first coffee shops in Tel Aviv, we boarded the bus and set off to Phillips Farm. Once there, we saw the cute donkeys and couldn't wait to ride them! After getting to know our donkeys and naming them, we got into the carts and rode the donkeys up to a field, laughing and enjoying the views along the way. We got there and enjoyed some team activities, including archery. Then we built a fire to make tea. Some of us helped to prepare the pitas for lunch, making the food taste even better and more enjoyable. We sat down for a scrumptious lunch of pita with an assortment of spreads and toppings. After socializing and feeding our donkeys, we got back into the carriages and headed to the bus. We took a ride farther south to our accommodation for the night, a small, family owned hotel. The rooms were like little houses, with a hammock outside and pebble floors inside. We enjoyed a spectacular dinner and dessert with the Puzzle team. At night, we relaxed and took in the amazing views. Our day was full of emotions... laughing, crying, and overall happiness.

-Alexa W

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