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My Psh Moment

Dear families, Everyone had an amazing first full day full of beautiful views, long hikes and lots of fun. Our morning started when we all woke up to breakfast at our host family's houses. From there we met again at the Alliance school for a tour and team building activities. After, a bus picked us up and brought us to Tzipori where a guide taught us about how the ancient city had been occupied by all kinds of different people who contributed to the architecture and art of the ruins we saw. We got back on the bus and ventured to Mount Arbel. The bus ride was filled with laughing, chatting, and singing, along with our tour guide pointing out significant and historical sites along the way. We arrived to a beautiful view and got ready for our "easy hike" (we basically climbed down the side of a mountain). We stopped for a picnic with a beautiful view over looking smaller hills and mountains in the distance. Our journey continued with a tiring climb up and down many stairs until we arrived to caves with an interesting history. Our tour guide told us stories about the caves, and then we descended all the down the mountain to the psh ceremony (Israelis say psh instead of wow) going around and saying our favorite moments from the trip so far. My psh moment was see the beautiful view with great friends. We then got onto the bus once again and took a short ride to The boardwalk of Tiberias, having some free time for shopping. Then we got on the bus for the final time of the night to drive to our accommodations at the hostel tonight. After a night of socializing, playing soccer and other fun games, we are all very tired and ready for a good night of sleep before another busy, fun day tomorrow! לילה טוב -Isabel

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