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19 Days

With 19 days to go until we leave for Israel, everyone is starting to get excited. Of course, as with any big trip away from home, nerves are in the air, but after our first meeting with the 10th graders and their parents, it's obvious the kids are ready to go. They've been in touch with their Israeli friends almost nonstop since they left and getting to see them again is a huge deal. We covered a lot in our initial meeting: safety, expectations, flights and itinerary and most importantly, the packing list. Though Heidi and Rabbi Stern (who have been on the trip numerous times) encouraged the teens to take only a small suitcase so it's less to lug around in Israel, I'm sure the 10th graders will take that advice with a grain of salt. Take it from them though, the less you have to carry the better!

As in past years, we will be communicating to the congregation via our Israel Blog! We will have at least one reflection posted by a student before we leave. While in Israel, we'll have different 10th graders update the blog, so they can voice their opinions on the situation in Israel, seeing their friends again, their travel experience, and getting to take the trip of a lifetime. A link to the blog can be found on the TBA homepage and in the TBA Thursday email. We will also post photos on Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to follow along on our adventure!

In the words of our 10th graders and their Israeli counterparts, yalla bye!

Francie Weinberg

TBA Youth Educator

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