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Shabbat in Haifa

We all had a restful and wonderful Shabbat in Haifa, relaxing and traveling with host families in and around Haifa and the north. Beginning today, we will have a student blogger each day to accompany the photos who will write from his or her perspective about what we have seen and done the previous day. ~ Rabbi Lisa Eiduson Happy Valentine's Day! Today we had the opportunity to spend the day with our host families, and travel around Haifa. I went to Akko, a city on the sea where Napoleon came many years ago. Jessica (Ayer) and I went together with both of our host families to tour Akko and its ancient crusader sites and shop around the fantastic Arab shuk (marketplace). After Akko, we went together to a Druze Village and visited with one of the friends of my host family who live in the village. We had a great time learning about the special role that the Druze have played in Israel for many centuries. Finally, we spent some time with some of Noa's (Israeli student host) cousins. Today was so fun for everyone in the Boston-Haifa Grade 10 delegation, and a nice opportunity to spend time with our host families. We all met for dinner at Noga's home where we ate and had fun. They have a beautiful view from their porch of the whole city of Haifa and the Bay below it. Tomorrow we travel with the Israelis to the North to a special city called Safed. ~Eva Willard-Bauer​

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