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Touring and Learning About Haifa

Our day began with our partners at the Alliance School. When you entered the room it was impossible to distinguish the Americans from the Israelis. We worked in groups and explored together our views of Israel. The remainder of the morning and early afternoon was spent learning about and touring Haifa. We learned about the history and made stops along the way in between jolts of thunder, lightning and hail storms. Even so, we know the weather is much better here than back at home! Highlights included: Stella Maris (the Carmelite Catholic Church and Monastery at the top of the Carmel Mountain), Elijah's Cave, the German Colony of Haifa and View of Baha'i Garden. Despite the soaking cold rain there was nothing but warmth with this special group. Beginning tomorrow, you will hear from each of our students who will be blogging on a daily basis for you! Heidi Baker

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