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Events & Programs

Gender Based Events

Periodically through the year, our brotherhood and women of TBA gather in separate gender-based programs to connect and experience Jewish life together. These often include day and overnight retreats, programs and discussions on relevant topics, and an annual women’s Hanukkah party. At TBA, these groups are part of the Temple and not separate organizations; all are welcome to join any of these events at any time.   

Age and stage: While we come together as one multi-generational community, we also believe in the value of connecting with others at the same life stage as you.  We offer opportunities for families with children of all ages, along with generation-based programs for Boomers (roughly born 1946-1964) and Classics (roughly born before 1946). These may include outings, lunches at TBA, and others events of interest.  

Interest Based Groups

We offer and encourage small groups of TBA members to come together based on their interests including cultural arts events, book clubs, outdoor walking/biking events, game nights, and other such activities.  Interested in starting a new group? Let us know! 

Tzedek: Social Action & Justice

We are committed to making the world a better more just place. TBA has lots of ways, big and small, to get involved in Tzedek work. We frequently donate to the Newton Community Freedge, Family Table, and to other such organizations through our High Holy Day drive.  In the past we’ve partnered with organizations to learn and grow our own knowledge around racial justice, domestic violence, and youth and young adult homelessness. Our social justice causes are driven by congregants and their passions. We encourage you to reach out and share what is meaningful to you.  

Community Social Events

We are a community that loves to gather for any reason. This may include a fun Chopped! Cooking show, a Temple wide musical, a cocktail party gala, a concert with a Jewish musician, or an informal coffee house. There are many opportunities throughout the year to enjoy each other’s company.  

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