TBA's Presidential Audio Archive


Temple Beth Avodah has a long history of dedicated, strong, and insightful leaders who have contributed to making this the vibrant and loving community that we know it to be today. TBA's Presidential Audio Archive is one way that we are honoring the past leaders who have given their time and energy in the service of our community throughout the years. Each and every TBA president leaves behind a legacy and places a building block toward our future. Their collective work, along with their partnership with staff and other lay leadership, creates a solid foundation for our Temple.


In this project, we learn from our past presidents about their time in office along with their hopes for our community. These presidents continue to show their dedication to TBA through their leadership, involvement, and support. We invite you to listen to their stories and join us in celebrating their contributions. 

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Becky Oliver
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Meet Our Presidents

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Oscar Wasserman
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Bonnie Millender
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Marshall Paisner
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Harvey Weiner
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Eugene Black
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Richard Blacker
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Amy S. Cohen
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Jonanthan Bamel
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William N. Friedler
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Ellen Meisel
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Abby Shapiro
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Stacy Schwartz
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Carole Rodenstein
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