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In our community we experience sanctuary through our physical, spiritual, emotional and communal space. Our mixed presence services include in person attendance at TBA along with online connection.  We gather in our main sanctuary, our community room, and our outdoor plaza to join together physically in communal prayer. Our online community is equally connected to the experience through zoom or streaming based on the service. Most of our services, holidays, and life cycles are accessible both in person and online.  

TBA has a vibrant and engaged Friday night service community. Shabbat is a way to mark each week through a spiritual and communal experience. We aim to provide the opportunity for you to connect and reflect in whatever way is most meaningful to you. During the year we primarily meet both in person and on zoom. In the summertime and on vacation weeks we often meet online only. Throughout the year, we have a variety of special services including Jazz Shabbat, family services, guest speakers, and our intergenerational singers. Please make sure to check the TBA calendar and weekly Before Shabbat email to confirm our services for any given week. Our weekly services are led by Rabbi Keith Stern and Cantorial Soloist Susan Glickman. We welcome anyone who is seeking to celebrate Shabbat to join us. 

We are honored to join you in your family’s life cycle events. Belonging to TBA provides you access to our clergy, space, and community for your life cycle. We are here to celebrate, support, and mourn with you in times of joy and sadness. For those who are not members, there are some opportunities for our clergy to assist you and for you to rent our space based on availability. Please feel free to reach out with any questions on any of the following: 

  • Welcoming a new baby  

  • Honoring a B’nai Mitzvah  

  • Celebrating a marriage  

  • Remembering a loved one  

  • Converting to Judaism  

  • Marking any major transition in your life  

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