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Social Action & Adult Education


Social Action and Adult Education programs at TBA are integrated throughout our various committees.  We begin the year with a Mitzvah Day and each committee or a group of individuals come together to participate in various projects in the community throughout the year. We enjoy guest speakers on such topics as parenting young children, life issues with teens, Israel and Iran as well as mental and physical health. To get involved or for more information email Elyse Hyman today.



Welcome & Outreach Committee


The committee reaches out to new members, welcomes and invites them to join their family for a Shabbat service or dinner or family program at the Temple.  During the year, the committee organizes special programs and outings for our new members.  It is important for the TBA community, new and veteran members to feel welcome and included.

Caring Community


The synagogue is a Jew’s spiritual home, and our Caring Committee is charged with fostering a caring community to inhabit it. Members of this committee are usually individuals in the helping professions or those who have been personally touched by a sensitive issue. This committee requires the support of our clergy to be most effective. Each Caring Committee will reflect the culture of its members. Some of the solutions offered include distributing meals to sick or frail members, providing transportation to appointments, visiting members, assisting with bereavement, delivering gifts for new babies, and so much more. SIGN UP HERE!

Women of Temple Beth Avodah


Come together for social, educational and spiritual programs and events.  Past events have included Challah baking, a wine and chocolate night tasting and learning, an annual spiritual retreat, social gathering with a comedian. To get involved or for more information email Elyse Hyman today.



The Brotherhood offers men a unique opportunity to network and form friendships with other men of the Temple, while serving the larger Temple community. We provide critical support services throughout the Temple, as well as offering social, recreational, spiritual and personal growth opportunities for members. Some of our activities include serving as ushers for High Holiday services, annual poker tournament, softball, a full day retreat and social gatherings with speakers. To get involved or for more information email Becky Oliver today.

Religious School & Youth Committee

Focused on the educational experiences of children and teens in Kindergarten-Grade 12, this committee plans school and family events, supports youth group programs, and coordinates outreach to parents and families. Members of this committee plan the annual pancake breakfast, support our teens at the Purim carnival, coordinate parent coffees, and plan end of school BBQ. To get involved or for more information email Mikah Atkind today.



Early Learning Center Committee

This group focuses on the Early Learning Center and programs for families with young children. They plan parent community meetings, parents’ nights out, family events, and Simchat Shabbat.  To get involved or for more information email Heidi Baker today.

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