December 28, 2017

The Wadi Rum camp where we stayed certainly appeared to be grand glamping, that is glamorous camping, which is a thing now. However... when we arrived we were told that we were to be driven from the bus drop offs point to our tents ― and to take out a change of clothing because we had to leave our suitcases in the bus. This was a sign that we were not exactly glamping. Now I’ve been with groups who would’ve heard that little bit of news and staged an insurrection right there by the headlights of the pickup trucks that were to take us to our site. But our band of travelers shrugged ― and opened their suitcases. We clambered onto benches in the open pick up trucks and journeyed 10 minutes in pitch darkness. 

We arrived at a surreal landscape: surrounded by towering cliffs and mountains made of sandstone and granite, all lit up like another planet, another world. Not surprisingly, Wadi Rum was the location for otherworldly films, including Prometheus, The Martian, Indiana Jones and the Tem...

December 27, 2017

Any attempt to describe Petra is doomed to failure. It is a spectacular monument to an ancient civilization’s reverence for their dead. It is a testament to ingenuity and architectural sophistication. It is a beautiful place that is still being excavated by a variety of archeological teams from all over the world.

Petra is the kind of place that may be called, without exaggeration, awesome. That it is considered one of the seven wonders of the world, along with Machu Picchu and the Taj Mahal, is reasonable and right. Even if I were to send you photos (which I will do), they can’t capture the scale, the stark beauty, and then mystery of the place. In so many ways, the spiritual dimensions of the place continue to emanate from every carved tomb, every cave, every corner. I’ve been there three times, and Petra still knocks me out. 

I think all of our trip participants were wowed by their time in the ancient city. Even the most seasoned adventurers on this trip were moved by what they saw. T...

Thank you to Hazel Sive for organizing this wonderful TBA crew!  The volunteers performed a wonderful and meaningful holiday mitzvah at the Ruggles Assisted Living house in Roxbury. In spite of the white out snow conditions that seemed to directly overlap our morning commute time, we all arrived in one piece with a complete holiday meal in hand and willing workers ready for our detail.  

Many of the residents commented on how they loved Hazel’s chicken and enjoyed the delicious pumpkin pie. Kudos to our young servers who did a great job and were so personable with the residents. This small gesture today touched so many people including a few Ruggles employees who were fortunate to enjoy a day off because we stepped up in their place.  

December 23, 2017

For a nice Jewish boy like me, born 6 years after Israel became a state, it's more than a bit weird to say that yesterday I flew into Amman, Jordan. I never imagined such a thing could happen in my life! How is it possible that I am in bus driving around the capital of a nation that was once an implacable foe of my people? But then I pause and I realize: this is what peace looks like. So maybe its not entirely comfortable; so what? The point is, and this is important to say: peace can happen. As a person increasingly disheartened by what feels like failing political systems at home and abroad, this driving around Amman is truly a tonic.

Today has been a tour of some of the many ancient ruins in Amman. Not exciting, but it's what one does. Amman isn't a tourist site for Westerners. We've seen some Moslems visiting from various places, but that's about all. 

There are some beautiful, palatial homes In Amman, but mostly the city is a generic Arab town, thickly populated and unremarkable. Bu...

December 19, 2017

TBA volunteers baked for the REACH holiday party Our TBA bakers were: TBA volunteers baked for the REACH Beyond Domestic Violence holiday party. Our TBA bakers were: Suzy Willard Rosenthal and daughter Lila, Jackie Dahlquist and daughter Charlotte Levine, Stephanie Cohen and daughter Andie, Julie Goldblatt with son Ben Freedman, Alison Tarmy, Rachel Segall, Bunny Aronson, Laurel Salend, Bev Marcus, Nancy Bloom, Olivia and Emma Schwartz, Gail Greenberger, Judi Burten, Jo-Anne Wyndham, Magda Hernandez, Lynne Patkin, Ilona Goldfarb and Debbie Hart-Klein.

REACH staff and volunteers were thrilled with the volume, variety and deliciousness of the baked goods, and they were touched that so many kids were among the bakers. Here is a note of thanks from a REACH employee:

Hi Everyone, 

Thank you does not seem to adequately express my gratitude for all of the time and energy you all contributed this week.  Thank you to those of you who drove U-Hauls, picked up gifts in and around Boston, and ca...

December 11, 2017

Our students were busy working on lots of different projects this weekend including making play dough for Horizons for Homeless, cat toys for Stray Pets in Need, blankets for Boston Children's Hospital, party packs for Birthday Wishes, winter kits for Boston Living Center, baking for REACH Beyond Domestic Violence and food for The Second Step.  If you want more information about these organizations and the projects we did, please click here.  Some of our volunteers even baked at their homes. Thank you to our parent volunteers who helped make the projects possible this morning.  We are looking forward to our K-5 Family Mitzvah day in the spring - save the date for April 8! 

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