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I’m searching for a small group of men and women who are looking to engage more deeply in the work of living a more consciously aware Jewish life. There are many roads to this goal. One particular path I’ve been exploring is the teaching called Mussar. Mussar is a centuries-old Jewish body of teachings, a perspective, and disciplined practice that provides distinctively Jewish answers to the sorts of questions any thinking person asks about life:

Why am I here and how do I come to learn my purpose? What are the obstacles in my way that prevent me from living a richer and deeper existence? How do I continue to cultivate a sense of openness and wonder? Who do I want to become? How does Judaism inform my ethical and spiritual practices?


We will explore these questions and more through A Taste of Mussar, an introductory four-week course developed by Dr. Alan Morinis with the assistance of Dr. Shirah Bell. This program allows us to experience the tradition of learning and practicing Mussar that has engaged and helped people for centuries. I would really like for you to come join me.


Taste of Mussar will meet for four sessions: March 15, 22, 29, and April 5. We will receive three emails each week and other materials from The Mussar Institute. These readings, which include three core elements to guide our learning and practice, will come from teachings of Mussar Masters such as Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, Rabbi Bahya ibn Pakuda, and Rabbi Yisrael Salanter. We will also get reflection questions to deepen the learning and provide guidance in applying the concepts to everyday life. All texts will be in English. No prior Jewish education is required, just an open heart and mind.


The cost of this four-week exploration is $36. Please call Claudia or me at 617.527.0045 with any questions you may have and to enroll.


I know. This may feel a bit out of your comfort zone. But it’s safe and sanctified space. I promise. So come join me on this road.


Rabbi Keith Stern

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